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Welcome, I'm Angelena Davies but you can call me Ange

I'm a meditation teacher and personal growth mentor, facilitator of workshops, retreat leader, speaker and author who lives on a farmlet in the Bay of Plenty, New Zealand.

I'm here to guide people to become more mindful, present, conscious and aware so their energy can flow freely and they can feel peace and ease and freedom in their lives.


From feeling overwhelmed, stressed, anxious and stuck to learning how to:

-live more slowly, consciously and purposefully 

-smell the roses of life

-meditate in ways that work for you

-let go of past hurts and guilt and conditionings.

-understand energy healing and how easy it can be

-connect with nature on a deeper more spiritual level.

Energy likes to flow - and so do we. When we live in alignment with our inner knowing, we find that life flows with an ease and a joy that is wonderfully fulfilling, regardless of what is happening externally.

Know + Slow + Grow + Flow

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Access Your Flow

A circle and meditation

Flow Circle - Online

A circle & meditation held online Wednesdays at 7pm. Unwind with Ange

Flow Circle - Te Puke

Join Ange in person Mondays from 10am - 12pm starting June 13th.

Sharing Ange's Insights - on the blog