welcome, I'm Angelena Davies

I'm a coach, facilitator and writer based in Mt Maunganui, NZ. My work is all about helping children, teens and particularly mothers to access their flow.

I help people to:

  • ease anxiety and pressure

  • become more mindful, calm and aware

  • discover their strengths and inner essence 

  • increase confidence, self-belief and acceptance

  • expand their awareness and tune into intuition

When this happens, there is flow and things are easy.

Accessing flow for...

What people say

"This is a book that every mother needs to read. It will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you feel as though you're not alone in this motherhood journey. It's relatable on so many levels and mothers worldwide will feel a lift within themselves after reading this book."

- Annalise Arnold Mindful Mummas


Do you love my book cover ? Me too. If you want to get yours please head over to my apparel store and join the 'flow tribe'. Available for a limited time in t-shirts, hoodies, and singlets in a range of colours and styles.

Online Courses


"Words can't explain her amazing work. She has this amazing soft, relaxing flow about life and the way she deals with things. Angie has truly helped me in so many ways, with mindfulness and really tapping into my awareness and opening my pathways and for this I am so very blessed."


OMG Angie is a master at what she does. I’ve had many experiences with coaches /facilitators before and she is hands down one of the most clued-up, tuned-in people I’ve ever met.

Gentle yet empowering. Can’t recommend her highly enough

- Stef Crowley

“I loved the space you created Angie - we felt comfortable, safe and able to share our stories openly and honestly. I enjoyed learning new concepts to do with energy and appreciative inquiry.   I was aware of the flow and during the course I felt a deeper sense of flow. For me moving forward meditation is where’s it at - creating space and awareness.”




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