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Let me be your guide to accessing Flow in these areas
Workplace Wellness

Flow for Groups 

Mindfulness + Flow Workshop – 2 hrs


Learn the What-IS, How-To and Why-You-Need-To of mindfulness. Discover practical ways you can BE mindful (rather than having to DO it). Feel more calm, present and appreciative in the workplace. Become less judgey, critical and guilty and more accepting, joyful and sweet-as mate.


  • Venue: yours or my villa in Te Puke

  • $99 pp+ gst (min of 6) + travel

Workshops & Retreats- half day/full day


I can tailor a workshop or retreat to your needs. Topics can include:

  • Mindfulness

  • Stress and anxiety

  • Breathing

  • Self Care

  • Intuition and awareness

  • Voice - speaking your truth

  • Boundaries

  • Appreciative Inquiry

  • Guided Meditations

  • Accessing Flow so things are easy

  • Venue: yours or my villa in Te Puke

  • $320 per hour + travel

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Flow Sessions For Adults

Join me for a long, deep, dive into releasing old conditionings (beliefs, points of view) that are stuck in the way of your desire for more ease, more awareness, more joy. A unique opportunity to bring more intention to your life, to slow down, to notice more, be more present and to become more content with the simple things in your life. 

My mentoring is not coaching and I wont be hustling you to change or making you accountable for anything. There’s no homework and nothing more to “do” (we do enough). 


My mentoring is a beautiful gentle soak into new ways of seeing the world, of seeing yourself, your past, your traumas, your blocks, and expanding your consciousness. From that space you are free to choose change – or not. It will be up to you entirely. And I’ll be right beside you, without judgment with whatever you are choosing. I’ll ask many questions to help you tap into your innate wisdom - your intuition. 

I often share stories and gifts (tools) for you to learn and we finish with a powerful 20-30 min energy clearing meditation which is recorded for you. 

More awareness brings more freedom

  • 6 x sessions (min)

  • $190 per session

Facetime or in person.

Flow for Adults

Flow Sessions For Children & Teens

Flow Programme for kids (5-12 years)

1:1 sessions are now FULL for the rest of 2022

Please inquire to be put on the wait list for 2023

  • Enhance self-belief and confidence, ease anxiety, discover strengths, learn mindfulness, so they can shine and BE in their flow.

  • 6 x one on one sessions with children,

  • 2 x sessions with parents

  • $150 per session


Flow sessions for Teens

1:1 sessions are now FULL for the rest of 2022. Please inquire to be put on the wait list for 2023

Mentoring and Energy-work to help teens through the rough stuff. Relationships, friendships, parent-ships, anxiety, low self-belief, anxiety, stress, perfectionism, self-harming. I work gently, casually and with compassion to help teens enhance their confidence to just BE themselves so their energy can flow with ease.


  • 4 x one-on-one sessions

  • $150 per session

children and teens
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