Who am I?

Philosophical inquiry aside, I am a seeker of fun, a nerd for learning, an activist for education, an advocate for “voice” or personal power, a feeler of energy and a big believer in the power of tuning into your intuition – your YOU. I’m also a kiwi girl who loves to pick shells off the beach outside my home, walk the gorgeous mountains and tracks of Aotearoa, and eat the occasional hokey pokey ice-cream (okay, more than occasionally.)

Who am I really?


Mother of two - a 16 year old son (typical Neanderthal but tote gorgeous) and an 11 year old daughter (Instagraming her way into adolescence). Wife to Shaun - better than average kiwi bloke, business owner, love of my life (corny but I don’t care).

Quals - Certificate in Early Childhood Education, Bachelor of Social Sciences (hons) and Masters in Education- first class. (I wrote that first class bit not to brag but to assure you my work is always high quality,) Certificate in P4C (Philosophy for Children), Foundation level 1 Access Consciousness.

Background - I considered myself a Stay At Home Mum while the kids were little, but had a career on the side (which kinda means I worked/studied while the kids were sleeping or with Nana). 10 years in Early Childhood Education in teacher roles, facilitation roles and leadership roles (including 7 years part-time at Playcentre.) I also did a 2 year feasibility study to open an alternative school in the Bay of Plenty, NZ.

Current background - So now I’m a coach. How the hell did that happen I hear you say? Well in my Masters thesis I designed and researched a programme for children to enhance their self-belief as learners. Cool I know! You can read my thesis here (yawn)

The method I used in the programme was called Appreciative Inquiry (it focuses on discovering strengths and magnifying these.) The programme also utilised all my previous knowledge on Student Voice and this underpins ALL of my current work (opportunities for people to say and BE who they really are is super important to me)
While DOING my Masters thesis I encountered massive challenges (on a scale of 100 it was a hundred trillion billion) both as a student and as a mother (not uncommon, which is the suckie bit.) This terribly, tearful, stressy and painful filled time (yep even landed me in hospital) has been the catalyst towards me learning, growing and developing my own self-awareness alongside helping others to do the same.

Currently - I now teach the programme with children (modified a bit to include mindfulness, expanded awareness and I do some energy work) I work with teens and adults as well (minus the playdough) using Appreciative Inquiry and energy work. And to reach a wider audience, I also facilitate workshops and classes and I'm in the process of writing a book (4 th draft. Sigh.)

My why: I work with people in many different ways now (I coach, facilitate workshops, speak, write, host retreats) and the reason WHY I do this is to help people learn about themselves and foster their voice so they can choose more and be more. When you can just be you, you’ll find you feel calm, things are way easier and your life will have flow.

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