Hi I’m Angelena and this is my very first book called The Heart and Flow Of Motherhood: a memoir of textbooks tears and tiny little fingers.


My memoir is a heart wrenching yet funny at times, story where I take you right into the heart of my mothering experiences, when I had 2 young children, a fisherman husband who worked away all the time and I was doing a full time Masters Thesis. Life was manic like a triple shot latte.


I share how the manic-ness overtook my life and my mind. My head became so full of thinking, I would wake up and hit the ground running. A Mental intinerary that HAD to be done. I ended up placing my self-worth on how much I could produce in a day. Just like a very good dairy cow. 

Living in my head like this meant that I lost my ability to be present in the moment, I lost my awareness, I lost my intuition, I lost the power to mother in ways that felt right for ME.


I was so good at ticking my way through life that I’d forgotten how to be in the flow of it.

Which also meant I lost my voice, not larengitis, but my inner voice, my confidence to speak up and choose for me, to say No to things that felt heavy and hard for me. To say yes to things that would’ve brought me joy. 


I write about the culture of motherhood, of how we mothers often keep our identity hidden when we are in the role of student or career women, because we want to appear professional and dedicated and perfect. And vice versa, when we are in our role as mother we often hide our identity as a student or career women, because we don’t want to appear like we are neglecting our kids. This dual role conflict is what leads us to a mountain of guilt. And if we were to start conversations of our experiences, we could be more authentic, more real, more ourselves. More in flow.


I write from 2 perspectives. There are snippets from my diary 6 years ago and then there reflections on this time from me now, now that im well again, now that I’ve done the work to refind my awareness, my intuition, my voice. I’ve been coaching others to do the same for the past 4 years now through 1:1 sessions and classes and workshops.


When you read it you’ll find that I was also learning about awareness and voice in my thesis. So I intricately weave in this knowledge into my memoir. A sort of self-analysis.  


Therefore this book could be like a guide for you, but its not my jam to be shoulding on people.

So my hope is that mothers who read my book, make themselves a cuppa, take some time out to read, laugh, cry, relate and feel more connected to others mothers, and also to feel empowered share their own stories with other mothers, to collectively shift the culture around manic motherhood, so that it becomes more intuitive and easy and has waay more flow.

The Heart and Flow of Motherhood Paperback Book

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