Good bloody on you for choosing to take this work deeper, to shift some things in your life, to choose more ease and more fun and way more Flow. High five. 


I have created this 30 page workbook to accompany the memoir you’re about to read (reading already?) that has activities and reflection questions throughout.


So I thought I’d make it easy for you (always choose easy) and make this workbook for you to print out at home, and keep beside you as you read the memoir or go back to it once you’ve finished. There’s lots of space for writing so you won’t need any paper, just a pen or chewed up pencil, whatever you can grab.


As you’re going through the workbook, if you need any more support please please reach out. Either to me or someone else you trust. This work can bring up things that need more processing. But hey it’s all good.


It all leads to more flow. Way. More. Flow.


Thanks Angie xx

A Workbook to Accompany the Memoir

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