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Gumboots school

gumboots school

Gumboots is a one-day school

(but not a school, the children named it that when I was trialing it and asked for their voices)

I’ve been working with children 1:1 and in groups for 9 years, helping them to enhance their self-belief (something I studied in my Masters degree). Honouring children’s voices and choices helps them understand themselves better and to see themselves as the brilliant beings they are (and not problems to be fixed).

I also work with parents and adults.

I teach mindfulness and meditation.

I teach philosophy to children.

I was a playcentre mum for 7 years.

I’m an energy worker.

I have a unique “way” of being with children that allows me not to mange them.

Last year we fulfilled a dream and bought a lifestyle block in Te Puke and I’ve been trialling a nature type school but incorporating all the values and previous work I’ve done.

My point of difference:

Gumboots has evolved to be a place where children can
absorb nature and experience all the joys and peace of just BEing


It’s a place where they learn about themselves without any judgments and to love, build self-worth and feel confident in who they are, even the bits that are perhaps different from others.

They are trusted and encouraged to use their intuition and in turn learn to trust themselves - the greatest learning we can ever do.

They can ease their anxieties and learn ways to manage their stress and wellbeing.

They learn how to use their voice, to speak up what they know, to learn how to respectfully disagree with others and understand that life is never black or white, this or that, us and them, but that every thing and everyone is connected, energetically.

They learn how to accept and allow others to BE themselves without judgment.

We have daily themes like Change, Friendships, Feelings, Good and Bad, Reality, Who Am I, Freedom, Courage, Peace and loads of other philosophical big questions that kids love.

THESE are the important bits that get woven through our Gumboots in nature experience.

So, yes we have grass and mud and animals…but the important aspect of Gumboots is the self-development, self-love, awareness and consciousness that children learn.

We now have 4 of us teachers, all trained in mindfulness and/or yoga for children.

Parents get detailed feedback with photos and videos of the learning themes, thus inviting you to continue the conversations at home and expand your child’s learning.

We would love to invite families to join our Gumboots community where every one is welcome.



Gumboots is $70 per child per day.


So just to clarify, gumboots is not “just” a day on the farm. It’s much much more than that.

It’s a unique opportunity for children to learn about themselves and others, and the world at large through philosophy lessons, strengths- based practices, mindfulness and meditation. We teach kids to tap into intuition and energy and manifest things.


The day in nature with beautiful trees and bush and mud and animals and free play with no technology is like a bonus.

Make sense?


All our teachers are trained and experienced in this kind of teaching and BEing with children.

Hope that clarifies


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